Iced Café Au Lait

June 18, 2013 in Beverages, SUMMER by Mary Carol


I’ve just gotta get this one off my chest. I’ve been dying to share a simple iced coffee with you. I don’t know why, really. Everyone probably already knows about this. You’re probably sipping an icy café au lait while skimming this very read. There are some wonderful examples, like this one, around the web, and I’m not saying mine is any better.

I’ve just been catching glimpses of my Toddy Cold Brew on the shelf in the pantry all Winter and Spring, until it got hot enough outside and I finally cleared enough space in my fridge to justify hauling it out and making iced coffee. So I thought I’d share since the days are long and warm and coffee really is a serious necessity sometimes.


It’s so nice the way this is just waiting for you in the refrigerator in the mornings, so it’s even easier than brewing a pot of hot coffee. It’s less acidic  and better tasting too.

This week is a big week of to-dos for us. We are preparing for our big family reunion, followed immediately by our departure to Montana in the big ol’ RV. We’ll be gone for about a month. That’s a crazy long time to be gone and when I think about packing and getting all of us ready…and the laundry and the suitcases…I get a headache. I need coffee this week. Iced Coffee…with milk (or half-and-half, as the case certainly should be).


A handy trick I learned from a little coffee shop nearby, is to use ice cube trays and freeze leftover coffee from the pot. Put these coffee-ice cubes in your iced café au lait instead of regular ice cubes to keep your coffee from getting watered down when the ice melts  (My photos don’t show the coffee ice cubes).


Now, here’s what I do in my iced coffee…feel free to alter. I love this French Vanilla-flavored half-and-half and I love it especially for iced coffee. Organic Valley also makes it in Hazelnut flavor, which, for me is a fun change-up every once-in-awhile.


 Put yourself a large container of icy coffee concentrate in the fridge for your week of to-dos…or perhaps your week of total relaxation…whichever it may be. Iced Café au lait works for either just as well. Just be sure to sit for a minute and enjoy it! How do you take your cold coffee?

Iced Café Au Lait


    Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  • 12 oz. coarsely ground dark roast coffee
  • 8 Cups cold water
  • Iced Café Au Lait
  • 6 oz. coffee concentrate
  • 1 cup ice cubes or coffee ice cubes
  • 1/2 Tablespoon sugar AND
  • 6 Oz. half-and-half OR
  • 6 oz. French Vanilla half-and-half (no sugar needed with this option)


  1. In a large container or cold brew system, steep coffee in water for 8-12 hours, according to instructions.
  2. Strain and store coffee concentrate in refrigerator.
  3. Pour 6 oz. coffee concentrate into a 12 oz. glass
  4. Stir in sugar, if using.
  5. Load glass with ice cubes
  6. Pour in half and half and stir.
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